how to get more digital marketing clients

How To Get New Digital Marketing Clients

digital agency digital marketing Mar 06, 2024

If you need to sign more Digital Marketing clients in 2024, you're in the right place.

Today, I'm going to guide you through the process of signing more clients. But before we dive into the pathways, let's establish a fundamental truth: regardless of the sales niche, it all comes down to a numbers game.

I've been in sales since I was 20, starting from selling gym memberships, then transitioning to pharmaceuticals, real estate, international holiday villas, and more. Through these experiences, I've learned that while different techniques and closing skills matter, having a sustainable outreach plan is essential. It's what you can consistently execute week after week, month after month.

Now, let's explore the two pathways to getting more leads:

Pathway 1: Manual Outreach

This pathway encompasses everything from paid ad campaigns to manual cold outreach. It's about actively reaching out to potential clients, making your presence known in the market.

Pathway 2: Attraction Marketing

In this pathway, the roles are reversed. Instead of chasing clients, businesses are drawn to you for your expertise. However, building a brand and reputation takes time, so it's often best to start with Pathway 1.

For beginners in digital marketing, the initial steps along Pathway 1 might involve:

1. Outreach to Friends and Family or Work at an Agency

Look for your first clients among your network or consider working at an agency. This stage is about gaining experience and learning the ropes without the pressure of handling everything on your own.

Working for an agency for a couple of years can be incredibly beneficial. It exposes you to various businesses, allows you to witness different marketing strategies in action, and provides a safety net for learning and making mistakes.

Moreover, being proactive and involving yourself in the sales process early on can accelerate your learning curve.

2. Signing Clients on Freelancer Platforms

Platforms like Upwork, Fiverr, or can serve as excellent starting points for signing your own clients. These platforms help you refine your proposal skills and connect with businesses actively seeking digital marketing services.

Responding to job postings on these platforms not only gives you a chance to showcase your skills but also provides a sense of security for the hiring businesses, as payments can be held in escrow until satisfactory work is delivered.

3. Paid or Manual Outreach Campaigns

As you gain experience and confidence, you can transition to implementing paid or manual outreach campaigns. This could involve running Google Ads, Meta ads, attending local networking events, or reaching out directly via phone calls or emails.

In these campaigns, emphasize your unique selling points and the results you can deliver. Whether it's through catchy ad campaigns or personalized outreach, clarity and authenticity are key.

In conclusion, signing more digital marketing clients in 2024 requires a strategic approach that combines proactive outreach, continuous learning, and a commitment to delivering results. By following the pathways outlined above and refining your skills along the way, you'll be well-positioned to attract and retain clients in the competitive landscape of digital marketing.

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