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Aaron Young | 15,000 Hour Google Ads Master

I have over 12 years experience in managing Google Ads campaigns for brands including:

Sean Hunt | CEO

Aaron's Google Ads strategies and insights have enabled us to achieve better results faster and allowed us to better target and grow our specific product categories.

Richard Fussel | CEO

Aside from a clear deep knowledge of the Google Ads platform, Aaron's strategies are clearly focused on ROI. We are a user testing agency which is quite niche and his strategies significantly helped to maximise the effectiveness of our budget and ROI.

Daniel Gibney | CEO

Since using Aaron's strategies for our Google Ads campaign we have seen a marked increase in sales & traffic to our website. Plus Aaron has helped us achieve something every business aims for - an increased ROI coupled with a decrease in costs.

I Will Teach You:

The Correct Way to complete keyword research & set-up your Google Ads campaign.

How to complete keyword research and structure your campaign for the highest amount of qualified website traffic at the lowest CPC (cost per click).

The 4 Elements that are required for Successful Ad Copy.

How to write ad copy that sells including the 4 elements that should be in every ad's headline in order to increase your CTR (click through ratio)  and conversion rates.

How & When To Optimise Your Campaign for Continuing Success. 

The under-used and forgotten optimisation techniques that I have been using to create successful & profitable campaigns over the past 12 years. 

I want to help you create Google Ads campaigns that CONVERT & SELL LIKE CRAZY for your business or your clients!


Whether you are a business owner/marketing manager who wants to take control and manage your own Google Ads Campaigns, or a digital agency wanting to train and upskill your staff our courses are for you. My step by step process will:

  • Teach you how to create your Google Ads Battle Plan with the correct way to complete Google Ads Keyword Search so your ads only appear in the top positions.
  • Create Ad Copy that screams 'CLICK ME' using my 4 elements that are required for every ad to increase click through & conversion rates. 
  • Teach you how to Save Money & Increase Profits with my weekly, monthly & quarterly optimisation process & checklist. (I still use this on all of my own campaigns).
  • Give you all of my 'Pro Tips' that I have learnt in over 15,000 hours (& 12 years) of managing Google Ads campaigns to build my own businesses and the businesses of my clients. (I will even share with you my 3 minute critical success checklist you can use for any account - and also give you my Google Ads Optimisation schedule.)


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