My Google Ads Story 


My name is Aaron Young and I am a Google Ads nerd. My journey with Google Ads started in 2010 when my beautiful wife & I had this crazy dream to start a villa resort in Bali. Being young and brave (or naive) we sold our house and made the plans to move to Bali with our 3 daughters who were 5, 3 & 10 weeks old at the time. 


But before we could get on the plane I had 6 months to sell our first two villas - the only issue was we had next to no money for marketing. So I turned to Google Ads and spent my late nights and early mornings before and after work, teaching myself Google Ads. After a slow start, I discovered the strategies that are required to make a Google Ads campaign work. And then the incredible happened, the enquiries started coming in and we got the sales we needed. 


A small budget of $1,500 over 4 months generated enough leads for me to close our first 2 villa sales. Our small budget of $1,500 raised over $550,000 in revenue! This is when Google Ads changed my life & my families life - FOREVER!


My journey did not stop there as we faced the same “no money for marketing” issue when we opened our first villas at our resort My Villas in Bali and we had to compete with global brands such as The Marriott, Sheraton, The W plus hundreds and hundreds of small to large hotel & resort operators in the ultra competitive market of Seminyak, Bali. Now that I had quit my day job, along with the early mornings and late nights I spent every available minute I had to make our resort a success. And once again we had success with Google Ads. 

A Saturday night BBQ with my neighbour was my lightbulb moment for the power of Google Ads. I was speaking to my neighbour, who was also the General Manager of a (very) large and well known Villa Resort in Seminyak and the discussion went something like this:

[me] I am having issues with getting my direct bookings above 60% what do you do?

[my neighbour] *slightly chokes on his Bingtang* What do you mean 60%? Are you saying 60% occupancy?

[me] No, I mean I am having issues getting over 60% of my bookings directly from our website, as I don’t like paying commissions to online agents ( etc)

[my neighbour] What are you doing to get 60% direct bookings, the industry average is 15% and we operate at 5%?!!

So two things happened that night, I learnt that the correct strategies in Google Ads can change your business and make it an outlier in your industry and my Google Ads consulting business started right there and then. 



Fast forward to now, and we still own our villa resort,  I have 12 years and 15,000+ hours of managing Google Ads campaigns, I consult with Digital Agencies as their Head of Strategy where I personally manage their Tier 1 clients with some clients having budgets of up to $85,000 per month, and I create and implement their Google Ads systems and policies as well as training their new Google Ads staff. 

Among all of the crazy media budgets and strategy sessions, the one thing I really love is creating a Google Ads strategy that turns a good business idea into a GREAT SUCCESSFUL business. This is what I want to teach you!


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