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Client No. 1: eCommerce

Over 6 months we:

  • Reduced their Cost/Conv by $19.16 (the clients goal was $15)
  • Increased their ROAS from 2.77x to 6.71x (we are now shooting for 10x)

How this was done:

  • Successfully implemented Performance Max campaigns (from Smart Shopping) with the correct product segmentation & bidding strategies.
  • We also updated their Call to Actions to increase click & conversion rates

Client 2: Service Based Industry

 Over a 3 month period we were able to:

  • Obtain an extra 151 leads while reducing their lead acquisition costs by 37.3%

How was this done:

  • Reviewed and updated their ad group & keyword targeting structure to better target the current search trends and match types
  • Built up new audiences and then launched a targeted display remarketing campaign

Client 3: eCommerce

Throughout 2022 we:

  • Reduced their Cost/Conv by $17.19 to $8.38 (their goal was $10)
  • Increased their ROAS from 1.67x to 6.57x

How was this done:

  • Improved their shopping rank by updating their product titles
  • Added in better product segmentation
  • Switched from Smart Shopping to Performance Max along with some targeted search campaigns
  • We are now scaling this account with the goal to double their monthly budget throughout the remainder of 2023