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Are you ready for Google Changing to Responsive Search Ads?

google ads responsive search ads Jun 06, 2022

June 2022 brings in some of the biggest changes that Google Ads has made in a very long time!

And if you are not ready your campaign performance and the results that you see in Google Ads will suffer … greatly!

And when your results in Google Ads suffer your business suffers because you will no longer be seeing the conversions & sales that your business needs from your Google Ads campaign. 

The first of the big 2 changes is that from June 30 you’ll no longer be able to create or edit expanded text ads - and that is what I want to talk about in this video!

So that you, your Google Ads campaign & your business are ready for this change!

Now if you don’t know what this change is all about it is that in Google Ads search campaigns there were 2 main types of ads you could use:

  •  Expanded Text Ads
  •  & Responsive Search Ads

From a users point of view nothing changes as when they complete a Google search they will still see 3 x Headlines & 2 Descriptions. 

However the change is seen for us business owners & Google Ads professionals as rather than us entering in 3 headlines & 2 descriptions in the order we want them to appear. Google wants us to enter in up to 15 headlines & 4 descriptions with Google choosing which headlines & descriptions are shown and in what order.

Now while Google’s selling point for this change is that is means they will then be able to choose which headlines & descriptions will be the best dependent on the user and the search term they use to trigger your ad …. The big issue is that for Google to complete proper testing to confirm this data they need 5,000 impressions in 30 days.

With the problem being that most search ads in Google do not see anywhere near 5000 impressions in 30 days - which means that Google will never be able to find out the best headlines & descriptions to use!

So with all that said let’s go through the 3 key things that you need to remember when using Responsive Search Ads in Google:

1. Don’t forget the tried & tested best structure of your Ads in Google

For Google Search Ads the main focus on your ads need to be your Headlines and this because this is what people will see first. 

Complete a quick google search and you see that what sticks out are the headlines & this is because they are a larger, bolder Blue font.

So this is where you need to spend most of your attention as if your headlines do not capture their attention they are not going to click on your ad.

2. Use Dynamic Keyword Insertion 

Dynamic keyword insertion is one of the most powerful but underused techniques in Google Ads

3. Complete manual split testing every 30 days

Remember earlier where I said that Google needs 5,000 impressions in 30 days to complete proper testing and this is where manual split testing in Google Ads becomes very important. 

With manual split testing we want to:

  •  Complete these every 30 days
  •  With 2 different ads running
  •  And we are testing the best performing headlines & descriptions 
  •  And the best order 

To find the best combination with the highest CTR & Conversion rate