Dynamic Keyword Insertion

Improve your CTR with Dynamic Keyword Insertion

google ads optimisations May 23, 2022

Your CTR is one of the most important metrics in Google Ads that you need to be always focussing on!

Remember that your CTR is the percentage of times that your ad is clicked on vs the number of times that Google shows your Ad.

The reason for why your CTR is so important is because having a higher CTR than your competitors means that the Google algorithm is more likely to show your ad vs your competitors ads in the number #1 position because Google only gets paid when someone clicks on your ad.

Even if you competitor has a higher budget than you, you can still beat them in any auction with a high CTR. 

With Googe Ads you need to always remember this formula:

  •  If your competitor is willing to pay $10 per click but only has a CTR of 2% Google would earn $20 per 100 searches vs your ads were you are happy to pay $5 per click & you have a CTR of 10% Google would earn $50 per 100 searches 
  •  This means that your ads will always win because Google will only get paid $20 from your competitors ads vs $50 from your ads for every 100 searches.

So now you know the reason for why your CTR is so important, in this short Google Ads teaching video I want to show you a simple feature you can use in Google Ads to help increase your CTR.

And this feature is called Dynamic Keyword Insertion!