Google Ad Copy Best Practices For Spilt Testing

Google Ad Copy Best Practices For Split Testing

google ads ad copy May 19, 2022

Completing proper split testing of your Ads in Google has always been an essential part of any successful Google Ads campaign.

And its still one of the best ways to increase your conversion rates and improve the performance of your account. 

Through running various spilt tests over a 90 day period I was able to get the Cost/Conv down in this account from $47.70 - $23.29. Which means we have cut the lead acquisition costs in half saving the client an amazing $24.41 per lead.

And those numbers can be life changing for a business.

So I want to share the good news that even with Google removing the ability for you to be able to create and edit expanded text ads from June 30, I can assure you that come July 1 you will still be able to spilt test your Ads in Google.

The reason for why split testing Ads in Google is so important is because it gives you very clear data on what headlines & descriptions perform better when it comes to your:

  •  CTR (Click through Ratio): so the percentage of time someone sees your ad vs clicking on your ad
  •  Conv. % (Conversion Rate): the percentage of time some completes a conversion action when they click on your ad

You may be asking what is Google Actually Changing?

Expanded Text Ads: Are where you add in your 3 headlines & 2 Descriptions and Google display those headlines & descriptions in the order that you entered them

But with Responsive Search Ads: You can enter up to 15 headlines & 4 descriptions and Google will then show a combination of what they deem to be the best 3 headlines & 2 descriptions, in any order.

So with Responsive Search Ads Google chooses which headlines to show & in what order they appear.

From the surface this all sounds amazing, the problem is though for Google to complete its testing for responsive search ads it needs 5,000 impressions in 30 days.

The problem with this is that most ads will not see 5,000 impressions in 30 days to be able to actually complete the required testing.

Meaning that your ads continue in an endless learning loop.

So in this video I am going to show you why you still need to split test your ads AND the more importantly I will show you how to complete split testing for Responsive Search Ads.