Do you Need an Excellent Rating for Responsive Search Ads?

Apr 13, 2023

If you have written any ad copy in a Google Ads Search Campaign, you will have seen the warning message from Google, telling you that your ads are poor.

This comes down to Google giving each of your ads a score on a scale of poor, average, good & excellent

So let’s talk about if this is important and do you need to take any notice of this score

The answer is yes & no.

  • Yes, because it is important to take notice of this score - especially for new Google Ads campaigns.
  • No, because I have seen so many “excellent ads” perform poorly and “poor ads” give excellent performances.

Let’s now break down what affects the score and how to increase your rankings

When it comes to my recommendations based on the data and results I have seen, here are the rules you should abide by

  1. For new campaigns - with no CTR & conversion data - your goal should be to have your ad rated excellent or good
  2. But after you have some significant data and have 3-4 rounds of ad copy split testing completed it is ok to have average or even poor-ranked ads - as long as you don’t have poor vs excellent ads

That is how the ad quality score works in Google Ads, but for success with your ad copy, you also need to be completing ad copy split tests.