Managing Client Expectations ... the first 90 days

Mar 08, 2023

When people say that they tried Google Ads and got no results, my first question is, how long did the campaign go for?

Most of the time, their response is 2 - 3 weeks or maybe a month. 

And that is usually the main reason why they did not see success with Google Ads. Even though Google Ads is based on search, whereby people see your ads after completing a search in Google, quite often, someone won’t complete the sale or conversion on the first day.

In fact, the average conversion window I see in many of my Google Ads campaigns now ranges between 10 - 17 days

When you are starting a new campaign for your own business or for a client, you need to set the expectation that you need to run this campaign for 90 days - regardless of the results over the first month. 

The core communication needs to be that, especially over the first 30 days, you don’t have the data to be able to make any real changes.

You can head to my Managing Client Expectations YouTube video, where I show you what you should look at after the first 30 days & 60 days in Google Ads.

You can also get a free copy of my Google Ads optimisation checklist in the video description below. This checklist will help you with all of these optimisation checks, so you know exactly what you need to optimise & review every 72 hours, every week.