Optimize Google Ads

How to Optimize Google Ads

google ads optimisations Apr 25, 2022

I show you how you can complete a Critical Success check to Optimize your Google Ads Campaign in under 3 minutes 😄

I have developed this method of quickly being able to diagnose any current issues in the Google Ads accounts I manage because when you are managing upwards of 50 different Google Ads campaigns at any given time you are not able to spend hours trying to find the issues with your Google Ads account - so you can the take the correct steps to fix the problems to then increase the performance.

And the good news is that this process works on any:

That you are currently managing.

To complete this check we are going to be using two of the to core features of the Google Ads dashboard. Which are the:

  1. Segment Function 
  2. The Dashboard Overview

In this video I will show you how to complete this process in 3 minutes.