Set Up Google Ads Shopping Campaigns

How To Set Up Google Ads Shopping Campaigns

google ads shopping campaigns Mar 22, 2022

If you are selling any products online you need to set up Google Ads Shopping Campaigns correctly, otherwise you are just throwing money away! 

The biggest mistake that I see with Google Shopping campaigns is that people DO NOT add in any product segmentation, meaning that they just have all of their products in one big shopping Ad Group. 

Your shopping campaign should follow the same structure as your Google Ads Search Campaigns in that you should have multiple ad groups which each ad group only targeting related products.

By using this structure to set-up your Google Ads Shopping campaign you can:

  • Quickly see which products are performing well and which products are under performing and need extra focus for your optimisations
  • Add individual optimisations to each ad group such as negative KWs, audiences, demographics & device targeting