Google Ads Conversion Tracking

Learn How to Track Google Ads Conversions with Google Analytics & Tag Manager

google ads conversion tracking google ads tutorial Feb 28, 2022

Are you sick of wasting hours upon hours of your time trying to set-up your Google Ads conversions?

In this video you can follow my simple step by step process to set-up conversions in your Google Ads campaign.

There are different tools and methods that you can use for setting up conversions in Google Ads but the process that I use is to:

  • Set-up your conversion actions in Google Analytics, using Google Tag Manager and then import them into Google Ads. 

I use this method for setting up my Google Ads Conversions for 3 reasons:

1. It is simple and easy (even for beginners).

2.The data in your Google Ads account matches your Google Analytics data.

3. You can also see the assisted conversions report in Google Analytics to see the relationship between Google Ads & organic conversions alongside any social, email or direct conversions.