Google Ads Dashbaord

How to use Google Ads [Google Ads Dashboard explained]

google ads tutorial Feb 07, 2022

Have you ever wasted hours just trying to find something in Google Ads?

Only to find yourself clicking different buttons in the Google Ads dashboard but ultimately getting no-where!

Stop wasting time with something that should take you 5 minutes to check, but 45 minutes later you are still clicking and trying to find your way.

To make sure you don’t waste anytime, you need to understand layout of the Google Ads Dashboard and more importantly know how to quickly navigate to the most important sections of Google Ads.

In this video I am going to:

  • Explain the layout of the Google Ads dashboard.
  • Show you how to navigate to the different parts of Google you need to go to in order to complete your Google Ads optimisations.
  • Tips to drastically reduce the time you spend of Google ads optimisations.