Youtube Video Ads Tutorial

Youtube Video Ads Tutorial

youtube video ads Apr 28, 2022

In this Youtube Video Ads Tutorial I not only show you the step by step process. But also the correct Google Ads Video campaign strategy used by profitable Youtube Video Ads campaigns.  

There are 3 Things you to consider when you are creating a YouTube Video campaign on Google Ads, these are:  

  1. Your Video Ad - This needs to a specific video that you created especially for your Google Ads video campaign - And the reason for this is that with a lot of Youtube Ads people have the option to skip your ads after the first 5 seconds! So remember your ad is an interruption! They actually did not want to see your Ad as they are only watching your ad because they don’t have a YT premium account which means they have to watch Ads.  So if you ad is going to have any chance to need to have a very strong HOOK or REASON for them to continue to watching your ad.  
  2. What is the core action you want people to take? Do you want them to subscribe to your Youtube channel or go to your website to complete a conversion. Because if you are wanting to take people to your website you need make sure that you Turn Off TVs in the device targeting. This is because it is highly likely that someone who sees your Ad while watching from their smart TV are NOT going to visit your website - due to the low user experience of most websites on smart TVs.  
  3. Finally you need to use the correct Campaign structure for your Google Ads Video campaign.  If you don’t have the correct structure you will not be able to properly optimise your campaign in the coming weeks & months.   

So under your campaign you need to run 2 seperate Ad Groups:  

  • One which is targeting Audiences & Keywords that are related to your business. 
  • And the second one which is targeted specific YOUTUBE channels. So this ad groups has no audience or keyword targeting - instead it only has a list of 5 - 10 YT channels that you want your ads to show on. This could be: - Influencers in your space - Competitor brands - Or Industry specific channels