Why You ALWAYS Need a Campaign Objective

Mar 06, 2023

There are countless numbers of Youtubers recommending that you should never choose a campaign objective when you are setting up a new campaign.

Unfortunately, this advice is just plain wrong, and what’s worse is that it is wrong on so many levels.

The reason why this advice is wrong is that your campaign objective is a highly important choice when you are setting up a new campaign, and it can be the difference between you seeing results in the first couple of weeks vs you wasting money with no conversions in Google Ads.

So, I am going to let you know how the Campaign objectives work in Google Ads and which one you should use for your new Google Ads campaigns. 

Firstly, I’ll cover how the Campaign Objectives in Google Ads work.

A campaign objective gives Google a clear communication on what you want to achieve with your Google Ads campaign. 

For example, if you choose Sales or Leads: Google will become more aggressive in its bidding & targeting when someone completes a search for your product or service, and Google knows that this user is currently in the market and ready to buy your product or service.

While if you choose a website traffic or brand awareness campaign objective, Google will not use this priority, and it will show your ads to anyone despite their current search history.

And this is where the advice from these YouTubers falls apart because why would you not want to use the data that Google has on your clients & potential clients?

Success in Google Ads - especially in 2023 - is only achieved through correctly using the data that Google has on your clients.

With the rise of AI and tools like ChatGPT & Bard, you can no longer just rely on your own targeting for Google Ads. You need to correctly use these settings if you are going to see success.

A core understanding you need of Google Ads is that Google uses and stores data on 2 different levels:

  • Account level
  • And Campaign level

At the account level, Google stores your conversion data which is then also indexed against other Google Ads accounts that are targeting the same keywords or products - your competitors.

While at the campaign level, Google uses this conversion data in the context of your individual campaign bidding strategies - its target ROAS or Target CPA - along with the historical performance data of your audiences, devices, time of day/day of week data

And it’s this indexed data - at the account level - that we want to use and activate for a new campaign.

If you have a new campaign starting that has no conversion data - because it has not started yet - you will get quicker results if you allow Google to use the indexed data from your competitors on what are the best users & searches to target to get those all-important conversions. 

Choosing your Campaign objective is a very important step, but for continued success in Google Ads you need to make sure that you are using the correct optimisation strategy for your Google Ads campaigns.

You can get access to my Google Ads e-commerce checklist in the video description below.