Get more sales with Google Ads

The Easy Way To Get More Sales with Google Ads

google ads Oct 10, 2022

Over the past couple of months Google Ads has quietly added a new reporting feature to Performance Max campaigns which - when used correctly - allows you to very quickly scale and increase the profit margins of your performance max campaigns.

By correctly using this new feature I was able to double the amount of sales for an eCommerce brand over a period of 6 weeks while also:

  •  Cutting their acquisition costs in half
  •  Doubling their profit margins

This is the just the beginning for this brand as we are now in the process of scaling this account. 

So that you can also see the same type of results in your campaigns in this video I am going to take you through what the new feature is and more importantly how you can use this to increase the results of your Performance Max campaigns. 

The new feature that Google Ads has added is that when you are in your overview for a single Performance Max campaign you can see 2 new cards being:

  • Ave. Target ROAS
  • Ave. Target CPA