Google Ads Recommendations

Should I Apply Google Ads Recommendations?

google ads tutorial May 30, 2022

Applying all of the Recommendations given by Google in the Google Ads Recommendations Tab is the fastest way for you to spend more money in Google Ads with no extra conversions.

And I often say that if you really want to ruin the performance of a Google Ads account - just quickly & blindly apply every single recommendation that Google gives you in the recommendations tab.

Now it's not that Google is purposely giving you bad recommendations as it has to do more with the majority of the recommendations being designed to increase the total reach of your campaign. 

But for many campaigns & business owners success in Google Ads is found in specific keyword or product niche’s as opposed to the high volume keywords.

Let me give you an example: 

A Google Ads Search campaign that I have been running since 2010 for our villa resort in Bali, I will constantly get the recommendation to add keywords like:

  •  Seminyak villas
  •  Bali hotels
  •  Or Seminyak holidays 

Why? Because they are all high volume search terms. However, success in Google Ads for my business is focussing on the search terms such as:

Because these longer tail search terms Generate more leads than we actually need for our business and they are less expensive than the high volume search terms that Google recommends. 

And that’s the issue with the recommendations from Google is that they do not take into account the needs of your business, as they look at how your campaign can increase its viability in the larger keyword themes that your products or services are targeting!

So in this video, I am going to take you types of Recommendations that Google will give you & which ones to take notice of & which ones to ignore.

The Google Ads recommendations tab will give recommendations in the main areas of:

  • Bidding and budgets
  • Keywords and targeting
  • Ads and extensions
  • Automated campaigns
  • Repairs