Performance Max Campaign Set Up Guide for 2024

Dec 04, 2023

In this article, I will guide you through the correct process of setting up a Performance Max campaign.

To start, let's address the crucial question of who should use Performance Max campaigns.

Performance Max campaigns can benefit both eCommerce businesses aiming to boost product sales and service-based businesses that need to generate more leads and inquiries. These campaigns display ads across various marketing channels, including search, display, Gmail, and video. For eCommerce, the distinction is that ads can also appear across the shopping network.

It's important to understand that Performance Max campaigns are designed to generate and increase conversions.

Therefore, in the current Google environment, I recommend not initiating a Performance Max campaign until you have the following conditions in place:

  1. Your account is generating at least 30 conversions in 30 days. These conversions should be endpoint conversions, such as completed sales, form inquiries, or phone calls.
  2. The cost per conversion is at a level that allows you to start a Performance Max campaign and generate 30 conversions in 30 days. For instance, if your cost per conversion is $10, you would need a daily budget of $10 to $300 per month.

Additionally, it's essential to note that Performance Max is not a "set and forget" campaign. Especially for larger eCommerce stores with extensive product inventories, it's common to see Performance Max spend the majority of its budget on a small percentage of your inventory. In such cases, you can either break your Performance Max campaigns into separate ones, focusing on different products or search themes, or add additional search or shopping campaigns to target products or search themes that are not receiving as much spend.