Optimise your Performance Max Ad Assets

Optimise your Performance Max Ad Assets for MORE Conversions

Nov 21, 2022

One of the best functionalities of Performance Max campaigns is that you can create targeted Assets groups with targeted: Ad copy, images & videos.

Which you then send users to targeted landing pages.  

This is what Asset groups were designed to do DESPITE what many so called “experts” are pushing on YT Asset groups in your Performance Max campaigns should be built around similar products or groups of services - NOT groups of audiences or keywords.

PLUS remember that a core feature of Performance Max is that is has an in built discovery campaign so by design Performance Max only uses your audience selection as a very initial guide and it will go beyond these selections of audiences & keywords to find new groups of keywords & audiences that convert. 

With the core understand being that you can only limit or restrict Asset groups by groups of products or urls and not audiences or keywords.

With that important point understood what I want to focus on today is how to go through the process of reviewing and optimising your Performance Max Assets being your ad copy, images & videos. 

Completing this process correctly is one of the core optimisation actions that you need complete in your Performance Max campaign in order to increase the CTR and more importantly the conversion rates of your ads. 

The process of reviewing your headlines, descriptions, images & videos, removing any with a ‘low’ performance score. This is a similar process to ad split testing where you test different ad copy, images & videos to increase your CTR and conversion rates.