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Optimise Google Ads for Business Growth

google ads for business google ads optimisations Mar 07, 2022

I got into Google Ads for one reason & that was to grow my own business.So my #1 priority in Optimising Google Ads campaigns has always (& will always) be to generate more bottom-line profit for my own business.

This is where my strategies differ from other Google Ads specialists, experts, guru’s or whatever they want to call themselves.

As my goal for learning everything about how to succeed in Google Ads always comes back to “how does this improve the bottom line profit for the business”.

Because who cares about the number impressions your ads got, your quality score, CTR and CPC if you are getting no conversions - or money in the bank!

So in this video I am going to share with you one of the most effective optimisation practices that I use to rapidly increase my Google Ads performance.

There are 2 different types of optimisations in Google Ads:

  •  The first one is Manual optimisations: these are ones that you complete.
  •  And the second type of optimisations are Automatic optimisations: and these are the ones that Google completes automatically for you - especially if you are running smart bidding strategies such as Target CPA, maximise conversions, maximise conversion value. 

And for success in Google Ads these 2 types of optimisations need to work together. 

But unfortunately many people complete too many optimisations - or the wrong optimisations - making manual and automatic optimisations fight against each other - making you the loser with a poor performing Google Ads account.

A good way to think of this is too understand that your optimisations - so any extra negative keywords you ad, ad copy updates, bid adjustments - the purpose of these is to assist Google’s automatic optimisations.

But more importantly give Google very strong signs to stop certain tests as you know that they will not be successful. A clear example of this is that if you see Google is triggering your ads for search terms that are not related to your business you can add negative KWs so Google stops showing ads for these unrelated search terms

The goal here is to let Google know what type of traffic you want to focus on and then give Google’s automations enough time to learn the correct optimisations to make - otherwise your account will just continue to be in an endless learning loop. 

So when you are optimising your Google Ads campaign its not about just trying random things - like a madman pushing random buttons hoping something will work.

You need to strategically look at your Google Ads account & work out:

  •  What parts of your campaign are working well - so we can leave them alone
  •  And what parts of your campaign need improvement - or where do we need to give extra help to Google

A great way to do this is to complete Google Ads optimisations by Ad Groups. 

And the reason for this is that optimising by Ad Groups lets you instantly see which Ad Groups are performing well - so don’t need any extra optimisations at the moment.

And what Ad groups are underperforming and need extra optimisations.

After you have optimised each ad group  you can come back and review the ad groups in 7-14 days time to then decided if more optimisations are needed.