Google Ads Keyword Research

Need More Sales? Get Better Keywords! [How to complete Google Ads Keyword Research in 2022]

google ads keyword research google ads tutorial Jan 20, 2022

Success in Google Ads is built on Keyword Targeting, so it extremely important that you complete your Google Ads keyword research correctly.

But further than that you need to make sure that you also have your keywords structured correctly in your campaigns & ad groups using the "1 Keyword Theme Method."

In this video I am going to show you the 3 steps you need to complete to keyword research for Google Ads the right way and see results like:

  • A Brisbane based Home maintenance based service business who in its 1st year of trading already gets qualified leads every day for under $12.
  • Or an Australian eCommerce fitness brand which last quarter saw an average ROAS of 49.19x. Yes that’s right an ad spend of $10k returned them $492,000 in sales. 

These success stories occurred because they are using Google Ads with the correct keyword research and account structure.

In this short teaching video I show you the 3 steps required to correctly complete your Google Ads keyword research.

I hope you enjoy my new teaching video.