Google Ads Performance Max

How To Set up Google Ads Performance Max

google ads performance max google ads tutorial Mar 15, 2022

Learn How To Set Up Google Ads Performance Max Campaigns with the Good, The Bad & The Ugly from Real Performance Max Campaigns.

Performance Max campaigns are Google’s new shiny toy that promise to give you the benefits of: 

  • Unlocking new audiences across  all Google’s channels & networks
  • Drive better performance
  • Give you more transparent insights
  • Steer automation with campaign inputs
  • Simply campaign management & easily optimise your ads

In this video we are going to discuss Performance Max Campaigns & go through:

  1. What are they and do they deliver on the promises.
  2. The Good, The Bad & The Ugly of performance max campaigns.
  3. Plus see the step by step process on how to set-up a Performance Max Campaign.