Google Ads Keywords Research

Google Ads Keywords Research for 2023

google ads keyword match types google ads keyword research Nov 16, 2022

Google Ads was built on search with the goal being to match a users search enquiry with highly relevant ads directing people to highly relevant landing pages. 

This is why conducting correct keyword research has been and always will be very important. 

Over the past 12 months Google has changed how their keyword match types work and because of this change it does mean that you now need to conduct your keyword research in a slightly different way. 




There are 3 different types of keywords in Google Ads which they call match types and these are broad match, phrase match & exact match and this is how they work

 Now that you know how keywords in Google Ads function we now need to complete our keyword research and for this you need to go into your Google Ads account.

 Once you have your keywords downloaded the next step is that you need to organise your keywords into different ad groups.

Ad groups are collections of similar keywords that trigger ads that go to your landing pages so you want to break your ad groups by individual keyword themes.