Google Ads Bidding Strategies Current Best Practices

Oct 26, 2023

In the ever-evolving world of Google Ads, marked by recent developments like the introduction of Performance Max, the eagerly anticipated launch of Demand Gen, and alterations to keyword match types, there remains an unwavering constant: Google's steadfast commitment to its core principle.

Above all, Google's primary mission is to ensure that a user's search query seamlessly aligns with the most pertinent ad and landing page.

The rationale behind this unwavering commitment is crystal clear.

Google comprehends that sustaining a user-friendly experience is pivotal to their long-term success. Displaying subpar ads and directing users to lackluster landing pages is not just detrimental to the user's journey; it's also detrimental to Google's bottom line. If users cease to click on Google ads due to poor quality, it jeopardizes their primary source of revenue.

To thrive in the realm of Google Ads, it is imperative to harmonize your campaign with this core principle. The key to achieving Google Ads success lies in crafting ad copy that is impeccably tailored to your target audience and the essence of their search. By doing so, you'll be taking a significant stride toward elevating the efficacy of your campaigns.

This strategy demands a dedicated focus on two key areas within your campaigns:

  1. Keywords and Ad Group Structure: The selection and organization of keywords, coupled with a well-structured ad group layout, serve as the bedrock of a prosperous Google Ads campaign. Opt for keywords that are not only highly relevant but are logically grouped. This alignment enhances the relevance and appeal of your ads, creating a more seamless user experience that closely mirrors their search intent.

  2. Ad Copy: Crafting compelling and engaging ad copy is the artistry behind your campaign's performance. Your ad content must mirror the intent of your keywords and resonate with the desires and needs of your audience. Persuasive and well-crafted ad copy entices users to click, ensuring a deeper exploration of what you have to offer.

By diligently tending to these two pivotal areas – keyword and ad group structure, and the quality of your ad copy – you will propel your campaigns to greater heights.

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In a fiercely competitive digital advertising landscape, this strategy distinguishes you, forging a meaningful connection with your audience and optimizing the return on your advertising investment.