Google Ad Certifications

Why Google Ads Certifications are a waste of time

Feb 15, 2023

Getting your Google Ads certification and earning over $100 an hour is the promise that is generating daily views for YouTubers who have no experience in Google Ads.

The problem is that none of these people have any idea about Google Ads certifications, what they do and if they even help you get new clients because they are too busy making new videos on how to make money online from the latest trending scam … sorry did I say scam … I mean idea. 

In my 12 years of running Google Ads campaigns and signing new clients, I have never, and I mean NEVER, had anyone ask me if I have my Google Ads certification, and it is definitely never impressed someone so much that they instantly sign up as a new client.

And the reason for this is that rather than an online certificate, clients want to see something which is more important, and that is your results.

The whole Google Ads certification does not mean much in its current format because anyone could get certified in Google Ads today without knowing anything about it.

And the reason I know is this because I get WhatsApp messages offering a service where people will take the test on my behalf so that I can get my Google Ads certification. 

Plus, just do a quick search for Google Ads certification answers for 2023, and you can see that you can find all of the answers for free for any Google Ads exam.

But above all, I say that Google Ads certifications are a waste of time because they don’t teach you how to optimise Google Ads campaigns to increase the number of conversions and revenue that your campaigns generate.

Google Ads certifications do give you some good information about:

  • How Google Ads functions
  • What the different terms and language in Google Ads mean (like CTR, impression share)
  • They will even take you through the different optimization actions you can complete for each campaign and the process of setting them up

So while they are worthwhile for someone who is looking to build a career in Google Ads, JUST DON’T expect to instantly be earning over $100 an hour just because you have a Google Ads certification.

Earning that type of money per hour with Google ads is definitely possible. However, you don’t need a Google Ads certificate to achieve this level of income. 

What you need is:

1. To understand the right way to optimise a Google Ads campaign. This is critical because, for success with Google Ads, your optimisation actions need to be as a result of the data you are seeing in Google Ads. And because of this, you need a structured approach to Google Ads.

2. For success with Google Ads is that you need a clear plan on how you are going to sign new clients.