Google Ads Audiences

Fix This Big Mistake [Adding Audiences in Google Ads to Improve Campaign Performance]

google ads audiences google ads optimisations Jan 24, 2022

Too many people make the big mistake of thinking that targeting in Google Ads is only done by targeting keywords, and completely forget to optimise your Google Ads campaign with audiences.

Optimising your Google Ads campaign by adding audiences and then adding bid optimisations to your audiences in Google Ads is one of the most under utilised optimisation options for Google Ads.

Unlike Facebook Ads - Google Ads allows for 4 different targeting options and this is why Google Ads should be your number #1 Go to strategy for marketing your business or product.

The 4 different options for targeting in Google Ads are:

  • 1. Keywords
  • 2. Audiences
  • 3. Demographics
  • 4. Location targeting

In this video I will show you the steps to add audiences to your Google Ads campaign, and then how you can review the data and optimise your campaign through adding bid adjustments to your audiences in Google Ads.

As always, I hope you enjoy my latest teaching video.