What It Really Takes To Become a 6 Figure Freelancer

Mar 01, 2023

The maths of becoming a 6 figure freelancer is quite easy. You only need to earn:

  • $8,333 (33 cents reoccurring) a month
  • Or $1,923 a week
  • Or $274 a day 
  • Or $273 a day if you're watching this video in a leap year

But the reality of achieving this goal - while it is easier & harder than you think!

The reason that I say that it is easier than you think is that I was able to achieve a 6 figure income in the 2nd year after quitting my full-time job - and I am not unique in that way because I have met countless other people who have achieved this goal.

The reason why I say it’s harder than you think is that it definitely takes effort & discipline. So, I am going to take you through the 4 core behaviours that you need to master to achieve that 6 figure goal.

Now while these 4 principles can be applied to any type of digital freelance work, I will specifically reference Google Ads because that is the skill that I have mastered to achieve well over 6 figures every year for the last 10 years. 

The first one is a quick one, but it is very important for success, and that is to Wake Up & have a shower:

While it sounds simple, if you are wanting to become a successful freelancer, you are going to have to develop this simple successful discipline of setting an alarm, waking up, having a shower and then getting into your day. 

Over the years, I have expanded this to where I now go to the gym and do a workout before I start the day. But the most important thing is that you set a time to wake up, get out of your pyjamas and get ready for the day.

The reason why I have found this to be so important - especially if you work from home - is that it stops you from waking up & mindlessly scrolling on social media or sleeping into lunchtime with no work done. 

Now for me, the alarm will generally go off at 6am but if you prefer to work into the night time, there is nothing wrong with starting your day at 8am, 9am or 10am. With the main focus being that you have a regularly scheduled time to wake up and get started.

This brings us to the next point, which is to test & create systems that work for you. You might hate a system that I use, but it works for me, and the reason that I know that it works is that I have tested it over many years.

There are 2 core systems that I use for managing my Google Ads clients. The first one is having a weekly checklist that takes me through all of the clients need to complete work for and any important notes for each client.

The second system that I use is my Google Ads Optimisation Checklists, and these are checklists that I want to give you access to for free - all you need to do is to follow the link in the video description below. 

The next core behaviour that you will have to master is to schedule your weeks, and what I mean by this is that you need to know exactly what your core focus is every day of the week; at the moment, my weeks look like this:

  • Monday: Youtube video content & email funnel work
  • Tuesday: Google Ads optimisations, coaching calls 
  • Wednesday: Client meetings, new Google Ads sales calls, campaign set-ups or restructures
  • Thursday: Google Ads optimisations, coaching calls 

The power of this structure to my week is that if I get a client request for a meeting, I can straight away give them my available times without the stress of me not getting the important work done - that I can invoice for!

This weekly schedule of mine changes year to year, as previously, when I had to focus on signing more clients, I was working 5 days a week with the first 2 hours of each day devoted to outreach and prospecting for new clients, and I also had my structured hours where I consulted to other digital agencies. 

So there is no perfect weekly schedule that I can give you, as you need to test and create the weekly schedule that is perfect for you.

Finally, the last core behaviour for success s to JUST KEEP GOING! Too many people stop after a couple of months or even a year - many times, quitting just before they get a big breakthrough.

Your monthly income growth usually does not come by growing 5% each month, as I have found that it goes in large amounts. You might stay at a regular income level for 3-4 or even 6 months and then see growth of 20% in one month.

And this is because you won’t see the monetary value of the work you are doing today for weeks, months or sometimes even years.

If I look over my annual revenue for the last 5 years, over half of my revenue in the last 5 years has come in the last 12 months. Meaning that in 1 year, I earnt more than the previous 4 years.

And this is the power of sticking to your journey because if I had stopped 3 years ago - I would not be seeing the results that I see right now.

So my encouragement is to:

  • Add some disciple & structure to your life so every day you know what time you are waking up and, more importantly, what your focus is for that day.
  • Test and work out the systems and structures that work for you. We are all different, so success for you won’t just come by copying my system or anyone else’s system.
  • And finally, just keep going and don’t give up if you have not seen success after a couple of months or years.