Grow With Google Ads

Nov 08, 2023

In today's world, Google Ads are an essential part of growing your business, and when used correctly, Google Ads become a highly effective way to scale and increase revenue and profits for your business.

This holds true whether you run an eCommerce business and aim to generate more online sales or operate a service-based business and want to generate more leads.

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I want to take you through three core principles that you need to focus on for success in Google Ads for your business. These principles apply whether you are new to Google Ads and just starting some campaigns for your business or if you have been running Google Ads campaigns for your business for many years.

Before we dive into these three core principles, it goes without saying that you need to ensure you have a product or service that will actually sell.

The offer and pricing should align with what your market is willing to pay. For example, in one of my businesses, I held off on starting a Google Ads campaign for the first nine months because I wanted to ensure that:

  • My offer and pricing were right, and I confirmed this when people started buying my product with great reviews.
  • My sales funnel or landing page was effectively converting users.

There's no point in wasting money on Google Ads if your product or service is overpriced, or your landing page is not user-friendly.

The first important principle is that you need to focus on strategies, not hacks. Often, in Google Ads and other advertising platforms, people are always searching for "quick hacks" or "secret strategies for success." This belief suggests that hidden settings or setup options in your Google Ads dashboard can miraculously deliver eternal and unlimited conversions and sales for your business. I've been running successful Google Ads campaigns since 2010, and I can tell you that this is 100% not true. People who promote these hacks or tips often don't disclose that these strategies only work for a brief period before yielding poor results.

So, what I mean by "focus on strategies and not hacks" is that you should stop looking for secret settings or hacks to instantly boost your campaign performance and focus on tried-and-tested strategies for Google Ads. Some of the main strategies include:

  • Grouping similar keyword themes or products together to have targeted ad copy and send users to relevant landing pages.
  • Structuring your account and campaigns thoughtfully, remembering that your campaign level is where you set your budgets.
  • Ensuring that your Google Ads conversion tracking data is set up properly from the start to track the data that is essential for you. For eCommerce, this might include tracking "add to cart" actions rather than actual sales, which often happens when people can't complete a purchase.

This leads me to the second core principle for success with Google Ads for your business, which is to first define your goals and then select the best campaign types. Success varies for each business. For example, some eCommerce campaigns may have different Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) targets. One business may aim for a 300% ROAS because they sell a more expensive product with long-term follow-up maintenance and regular spare part sales. Another business may require a ROAS of 650% or higher due to low-profit margin product production costs.

Similarly, service-based businesses may have distinct objectives, such as generating phone call inquiries or growing email signups for sales through email marketing strategies. Your answers to these questions are crucial as they determine:

  • The types of Google Ads campaigns you will use.
  • The budget allocation for different campaigns.
  • The conversion actions and bidding strategies you will employ.

If you need additional help in this area, I want to offer you free access to my "How to WIN at Google Ads planner," which covers various campaign types in Google Ads and guides you through the key questions you need to answer for success.

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The third and final core principle for success in Google Ads is that you need to give Google Ads time. Success in Google Ads is often not immediate, as it involves:

  • Reviewing the data you receive from Google Ads.
  • Implementing optimizations based on this data.

This cycle continues month in and month out. Therefore, measuring success in Google Ads is not just about comparing results from this month to last month; it's more important to focus on results from the same period in the previous year.