Get More Conversions In Google Ads With This Ad Copy Strategy

Oct 19, 2023

Despite the recent changes in Google Ads, including the introduction of Performance Max and the upcoming launch of Demand Gen, one fundamental principle remains constant: Google's primary objective is to ensure the user's search query aligns with the most relevant ad and landing page.

The significance of this principle to Google is unchanging because their success relies on delivering high-quality ads and landing pages. If they consistently display low-quality content, people will cease clicking on their ads, resulting in a loss of their primary source of revenue.

To achieve success with Google Ads, crafting highly relevant ad copy is crucial to enhance your campaign results. 

To implement this strategy effectively, focus on two key areas within your campaigns:

This process is an integral part of my Google Ads Optimization Checklist, which I've recently updated for service-based businesses. If you're interested in obtaining a copy of my newly released Optimization Checklist, please check out my YouTube video below.