Learn how to use Google Ads to generate the leads that YOUR business needs! 

So you have a predictable, reliable and increasing number of leads coming into your business every single day 



It's Time To Stop:

Enrolling In Unhelpful Courses

Stop wasting time on Google Ads courses that don't teach you the correct strategies.

Wasting Money

Put an end to ineffective Google Ads strategies that fail to generate revenue.

Creating Unsuccessful Campaigns

Learn the skills, knowledge & processes required to create successful and profitable campaigns.


By completing my "Get More Leads with Google" course, you'll gain the expertise to consistently create successful, profitable Google Ads campaigns in just one hour per week, thanks to my repeatable formula and strategic battle plan that has sold 3000+ courses!

Here's What Some Of Our 3000+ Students Are Saying:

Sean Hunt

Aaron's Google Ads strategies and insights have enabled us to achieve better results faster and allowed us to better target and grow our specific product categories.


Daniel Gibney

Since using Aaron's strategies for our Google Ads campaign we have seen a marked increase in sales & traffic to our website. Plus Aaron has helped us achieve something every business aims for - an increased ROI coupled with a decrease in costs.

Robert Billing

Aaron has helped me to scale my Google Performance Max campaign to increase sales by 40% this last month, I’m obviously super happy with these fantastic results, and can’t wait to see the upcoming months.

What's Included In Get More Leads With Google?

Course Content:

Module 1:

What is Google Ads & Learning the Google Ads auction process.

Mastering this process is key to crafting a successful campaign.

Module 2:

The Future Of Google Ads.

Google Ads is evolving rapidly with AI tools!

Ensure you stay updated for success.

Module 3:

How to create your very own Google Ads Battle Plan.

Plan and adapt your campaign as market conditions evolve.

Module 4:

Keyword research done right.

Discover my unique profit-driven keyword research and the 1-keyword secret to success.

Module 5:

How to get creative with Ad Copy to write ads that scream ‘CLICK ME’. 

Learn how to write creative ads.
Plus I'll reveal 4 essential ad elements you can't miss.

Module 6:

The NEW World of Enhanced Conversions.

To thrive in Google Ads, invest in proper data collection as 3rd Party Cookies face more restrictions.

Module 7:

How to create your campaign - Correctly!

Master all 3 core campaign types (Search, Display & Performance Max Campaigns) for lead generation.

Module 8:

Save money & increase profits with my
step-by-step optimisation process.

Discover the optimal timings for 72-hour, weekly, monthly, and quarterly optimizations.

Module 9:

Learn how to optimise a Google Ads campaign like a 15,000 hour master.

Unlock Google Ads mastery with 15,000 hours of expertise.

Module 10:

Get the first 90 days of your campaign RIGHT.

Don't quit Google Ads prematurely. Learn its workings and embrace the 'long game' strategy.


Course Preview


Meet Your Mentor 👨‍🏫


I'm Aaron Young, a Google Ads veteran since 2010 with over 12 years of experience. My experience includes consulting as Head of Strategy for Digital Agencies, personally managing Tier 1 clients with budgets up to $200,000/month, plus over the past 2 years I have sold over 3,000 courses and coached business owners to create their own successful campaigns with budgets ranging from $5,000 a month to $100,000 a month.

 I've also leveraged Google Ads to grow my own two successful businesses and witnessed its transformative impact on clients' businesses and lives. 🤩

The magic lies in the generation of high-quality leads, empowering service-based businesses to consistently boost their profits day by day, month by month, and year by year.

This isn't just my job; it's my mission to help businesses thrive through the incredible potential of Google Ads. 🙌

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  • Instant Access to all 10 Modules of Get MORE Leads With Google
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