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In this community I don’t hold anything back, I share all of the current strategies and processes that I am using to create and optimise Google Ads campaigns for large & small businesses who have budgets ranging from as little as $300 a month all the way up to $200,000 per month.

My story is that I have been running Google Ads campaigns since 2010. I started in Google Ads to launch my own business and it was a great success. Since then managing Google Ads has become my main focus.

My goal is teach you how to use Google Ads to launch, grow & scale your business or your clients businesses.


I have ridden the highs and lows of:

  •  Testing & updating my strategies to meet Google’s everchanging algorithm 🤓
  •  Finding & signing new clients 👨🏻‍💻

And I am proud to say that Google Ads has become my main source of income for the last 6 years, helping me earn a comfortable 6 figure income each year.

I love the lifestyle that Google Ads has given me, as it has helped me escape the 9-5 rat race of being stuck in a mind numbing office cubicle spending my days trying to avoid pointless meetings. I now have the flexibility to do the things I love like spending time with my family, travelling and watching as many live sporting games as I can!

I have created my 10x Google Ads Community because I want to share my knowledge so you don’t make the mistakes that I have made, or waste the money that I have wasted. I also want to create a space where you can ask for advice and share your wins with like minded community members from around the world.

My 10x Google Ads Community offers you:

Live Group Coaching + Q&A Calls

Access to live Monthly Group Coaching sessions which include a Q & A session.

Advanced Google Ads Training Sessions

Monthly advanced training sessions designed to help you increase the performance of your Google Ads campaign and help you to manage campaigns more efficiently. 

Private Online Community

A private online community of like minded Google Ads professionals supporting each other to increase your skills and results with Google Ads. 

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So what does this mean, well it means that:


Every month I will share with you a private members only teaching session, and just in case you are wondering the first 6 months will include:

  • Google Ads Bidding Strategies... How they work & how to get them RIGHT!
  • The AMAZING Performance Max Script with Mike RhodesPerformance Max campaigns are great, but ONE common theme is that everyone would like to get more data. Introducing Mike Rhodes from Websavvy, who has created an amazing tool for Performance Max.
  • Reviewing & Optimising Shopping & Performance Max CampaignsIn this session, I show you how I review & optimise my Shopping & Performance Max Campaigns.
  • Reviewing & Optimising Display & Video CampaignsIn this lesson, I show you how I review & optimise my Display & Video campaigns.
  • Reviewing & Optimising Search CampaignsIn this lesson, I show you how I review & optimise my Google Search campaigns.
  • Account Structures for Google Ads

10x Google Ads Community Testimonials: 

  • Cheryl Wilson: “Being a member of Aaron's 10X Google Ads Community has been a game changer for me. I no longer worry about what's happening with Google Ads and their frequent updates or new strategies. I'm confident that I can get current information from Aaron during our live calls.  When I miss a call, I catch the replay. Plus, having the tools, community, and checklists makes a huge difference in how I manage my account. I joined shortly after he launched the community and have not looked back!" 

  • Gabriel McLemore:  "Aaron is very professional. It shows how he cares for each one of his students individually, and he responds to almost every message in the community. It's definitely worth the money, as you can connect with like-minded people and learn from them as well."

  • Sebastian Kuzma: "Joining the 10x Community helped me a lot when I was in the learning phase in the beginning, and now when I am not sure about some challenges with my current clients/updates or new methods with Google ads, I just ask a question in the group chat, and Aaron and others help me out usually within a few hours. Also, Aaron has a lot of valuable content on his Youtube channel for free and even more in Define Digital Academy, but for me, the most valuable thing is the group chat. It helped me to get through all obstacles connected to Google Ads. Thank you, Aaron!"  

  •  Lina Kaddourah: “I have had the pleasure of participating in Aaron Young's group coaching sessions for Google Ads, and I cannot recommend him enough. Aaron's expertise in the field is unparalleled, and his monthly coaching sessions provide invaluable insights into how to optimize your Google Ads account. The community questions and answers, as well as the monthly online trainings, are incredibly helpful and informative. Aaron's advice is always insightful and actionable, and I have seen significant improvements in my Google Ads performance since working with him. If you're looking for a knowledgeable and experienced Google Ads coach, look no further than Aaron Young.”

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